Just Got Married?

As you start your married life, keep these three things in mind.

Secret of long lasting happy married life lies in the tiny rituals you build. Small things like walking up to a small tree round the corner of your street, having a cup of tea while watching your favorite TV serial together, even a letter, or a phone call when done regularly, becomes a ritual. These rituals increase the bonding. Find and build a ritual that suits you.

How much ever you love each other, there will be arguments. There will be misunderstandings. Some may be light; some may be deep. Know that the probability of two people being mature and compromising at the same time is low. So, you be the one to compromise first.

Remember that you are entering a commitment to support and protect each other for life. This does not come with terms and conditions. At any cost, whatever may be the circumstance, do not do anything that hurts or brings shame to the other.

May God bless you with a long joyful life ahead. Wish you a very happy married life.


Jiye to jiye

जीयें तो जीयें कैसे बिन आपके
लगता नहीं दिल कहीं बिन आपके
कैसे कहूँ, बिना तेरे, ज़िंदगी ये क्या होगी
जैसे कोई सज़ा, कोई बद्दुआ होगी